Friday, 29 April 2016


More often than not when you photograph weddings, you end up with "that memorable shot" from the day for whatever reason it might be... Beautiful lighting or location, a magical kiss, or a funny bridal party prank.

On the day of my cousin's wedding we headed to the beautiful Queen's Park in Moonee Ponds.
We were soaking in the ambience of greenery and birdlife, when this lovely local lady came powering home from the supermarket, straight through the background of our shot. She noticed that we were photographing a wedding and casually slowed down to enjoy the scene, so I decided to make her part of the day's memories...

Somehow, this shot never made the wedding album!

Thursday, 7 April 2016


Went out into the city on an impromptu architectural dusk shoot tonight.
I was out with a prospective client, showing my wares as they are currently looking for a new photographer to head off their franchise.
So as the client was shooting his stuff I had creative licence to walk around and capture whatever I thought looked interesting or "visually dynamic".
I took several shots in the short space of time that dusk shoots cater for, then at exactly 8pm, when the sky was completely black, camera on tripod and flash "in hand" I came up with this little gem...
Hand on heart I can say that this is virtually "untouched" by photoshop.
I gotta say I'm pretty proud of it, and so was my new client!!